Nicola MacLeod

Marketing Coordinator for Remsoft


“Remsoft makes the complex world of sustainable resource management simple, predictable & profitable. As a global leader in land-use planning solutions, we help you unlock your land value and gain insight into how your land assets are being used and could be used.We’ve been working with big data for decades, bringing business intelligence to planning and optimizing land assets in forestry, utilities and other resource sectors.”

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Q: Civic Technology can be defined as “empower citizens or help make government more accessible, efficient and effective”.  Do you think that Remsoft does this? If so, how?

Indirectly, yes. We work with many other businesses, including enterprise clients as well as land management consultants. As the leading forestland asset planning company globally, we directly impact how a great deal of land and its resources are managed. Our software is used to manage approximately half a billion acres of land around the world, which is a pretty huge.

We directly impact the sustainability of many forests across the world, and since forests are ecosystems that give us clean water and feed the planet, the impact is obviously felt by many.

The goal with the work that we do is to grow sustainability in the natural resource space, which is trickled down from the clients we directly work with, right down to the end user, touching all players within the supply chain. With forestry and wood incorporated into so many industries, there is a large impact on the end user. So, do we directly empower citizens? Not necessarily, but we directly impact the sustainability of many forests across the world, and since forests are ecosystems that give us clean water and feed the planet, the impact is obviously felt by many.

Q: What are the biggest hurdles that Remsoft solves?

In a nutshell, Remsoft provides land asset planning solutions that empowers various companies, both in and out of the forestry sector, to make more sustainable decisions. For example, a landowner may want to know the fastest way to make the most money in the most sustainable way with their forest… Remsoft’s software allows that client to model their land and apply restrictions and see how manipulations affect outcomes, including economic and environmental impact of these decisions. With the cusp of the Resource Revolution on our hands, this provides a huge opportunity for Remsoft to play a role in solving the problems of natural resource utilization and management.

Q: How has the service developed over time?

We have actually been working in this space for the last 24 years, celebrating the big 2-5 next year, so it’s safe to say we’ve had some changes over the company’s lifetime. That being said, we’ve stayed consistent in the space of land asset planning, we’ve just added on more complimentary technical features over the years and made our software more compatible with other programs (like ESRI and ArcGIS). Essentially, the core philosophy of what we do has remained the same, we’ve just improved (and will continue to) our software. We’ve also expanded upon on our enterprise level software (Woodstock) with a new product called RISE, which is much more accessible and available, as well as being web-based. We designed this specifically for smaller clients who don’t manage huge plots of land like some of our bigger clients. We’re bringing the power of Woodstock to a new market in a user-friendly format, which is a really cool step for the company.

Q: What is the role that data plays in your business?

A huge role – without data, Remsoft wouldn’t be doing what it does today. Data is the fuel that feeds the software we’ve created, giving our customers the ability to understand the different options they have with resource management on their land. We turn data into intelligence.

We turn data into intelligence.

Q: How does the data you collect impact your business and operations? Does it impact the bottomline of Remsoft?

Well if data weren’t collected, we wouldn’t be doing what we do. With the growth of technology, we’ve also significantly increased the amount of data that is collected, which allows us to provide a much better analysis and application to our software, enabling the client to make much more informed decisions. For some forests, the growth and harvesting of a plot of trees could take up to 70 years. To have software that takes this and a plethora of other data-points into consideration and tell you the best options is the value we provide to our clients. It has a huge impact on our bottomline and has allowed us to become the leader within this industry.

Q: What role has the government played in Remsoft’s success?

Governments are actually one of our key clients not only in New Brunswick, but across the world. By helping various levels of governments and the different departments within, we’re able to help public sector clients boost their efficiency, not only in terms of resource management (forests, civil infrastructure, utility companies, etc.) but also their financial management as this aids in spending less money, which could be taxpayer dollars. For example, one of our clients is Latvia’s state forest organization and a recent project we undertook helped them save millions of Euros in one fiscal year. For an industry like forestry, which rarely sees cost reductions of that level, a savings like this is absolutely monumental. Beyond that too, we know that responsible land asset management is also playing a critical role in global environmental sustainability – which is at the core of what we do.

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